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The Jetson TX1 module is the first generation of Jetson module designed for machine learning and AI at the edge and is used in many systems shipping today. However, new designs should take advantage of the Jetson TX2 4GB, a pin- and cost-compatible module with 2X the performance. Learn more about Jetson TX1 on the NVIDIA Developer Zone.


Jetson TX2 is the fastest, most power-efficient embedded AI computing device. This 7.5-watt supercomputer on a module brings true AI computing at the edge. It’s built around an NVIDIA Pascal™-family GPU and loaded with 8GB of memory and 59.7GB/s of memory bandwidth.

This embedded computer lets you run neural networks with double the compute performance or double the power efficiency of Jetson TX1—at the same price. As part of the world’s leading AI computing platform, Jetson TX2 4GB works with NVIDIA’s rich set of AI tools and workflows, which enable developers to train and deploy neural networks

Sep 11, 2017 · The Jetson TX1 and Jetson TX2 from NVIDIA put the power of an AI supercomputer in the palm of your hand. These development kits and boards have the power to enable more complex deep neural networks and offer support for the latest technology in graphics, GPU computing, computer vision and more. Here’s what they can do for you.

NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2/TX2i/TX2 4GB/TX1 Products Backed by over 30 years in business, Connect Tech has built a solid reputation of expertise in providing engineering design services, delivering unsurpassed technical support, and developing innovative products for embedded applications.

Mar 11, 2017 · Many developers use Jetson for deploying vision and neural net processing onboard mobile platforms like autonomous robots, drones, IoT, handheld medical devices, intelligent vehicles & dashcams, ect. Others use it for home automation, smart appliances (like June oven ), IP cameras, low-power HTPC / media centers, ect.

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The Jetson TX2 Developer Kit gives you a fast, easy way to develop hardware and software for the Jetson TX2 AI supercomputer on a module. It exposes the hardware capabilities and interfaces of the developer board, comes with design guides and other documentation, and is pre-flashed with a Linux development environment.

Jetson TX2 Developer Kit Jetson TX2 4GB Jetson TX2 Jetson TX2i Jetson TX1 The world’s first supercomputer on a module, Jetson TX1 delivers the performance and power efficiency needed for visual computing applications.

For only the Jetson Nano Developer Kit. Simply download this SD card image and follow the steps at Getting Started with Jetson Nano Developer Kit. All Jetson Developer Kits. For Jetson AGX Xavier, TX2, and Nano Developer Kits, the new NVIDIA SDK Manager can be used to install JetPack.

The extended Jetson family of embedded modules includes the lower-price Jetson TX2 4GB, which provides a powerful migration path for Jetson TX1 users, the Jetson TX2, which is a 7.5-watt supercomputer on a module that brings true AI computing at the edge, and the Jetson TX2i, whose rugged design is ideal for settings including industrial robots and medical equipment.

Jetson/TX2 SPI. From < Jetson. Jump to: navigation, search. This how-to enables SPI in the kernel for Jetson TX2 with L4T R28.1 (JetPack 3.1) through R32.1 (JetPack 4.2). For the previous version see, Jetson/TX1 SPI.

Nvidia Jetson is a series of embedded computing boards from Nvidia.The Jetson TK1, TX1 and TX2 models all carry a Tegra processor (or SoC) from Nvidia that integrates an ARM architecture central processing unit (CPU). Jetson is a low-power system and is

Apr 30, 2019 · Experience more than double the performance or twice the energy efficiency of Jetson TX1. It’s all made possible by Jetson TX2’s 256-core NVIDIA Pascal architecture and 8GB memory for the fastest compute and inference. Optimized Power With Jetson TX2, you can now run large, deep neural networks for higher accuracy on edge devices.


TX1/TX2 Migration guide to porting applications and hardware between Jetson TX1 and TX2 Battery Charger Guide document for the design of battery charger Tegra X2 (Parker) TRM Technical Reference Manual for NVIDIA TX2 system-on-chip and register data.

NVIDIA Jetson TX1 and TX2 In preparation for launching the FØCAL profiling and hardware simulation platform, we’ve been busy building and testing a variety of edge devices .

NVIDIA Jetson Comparison: Nano vs TX1 vs TX2 vs AGX Xavier For these NVIDIA Jetson modules we’ve done performance benchmarking for the following basic image processing tasks which are specific for camera applications: white balance, demosaic (debayer), color correction, optional resize, jpeg

エッジ AI アプリケーションのための Jetson TX2 組込みモジュールは、Jetson TX2 (8GB)、Jetson TX2i、そして新しい低コストの Jetson TX2 4GB という 3 つのバージョンになりました。従来 Jetson TX1 をベースとしていた製品は、同じ価格でより高性能な TX2 4GB に移行できます。

Jetson TX1 の 2 倍以上のパフォーマンス、または 2 倍の電力効率を体験してください。それを可能にするのが Jetson TX2 の 256 コア NVIDIA Pascal™ アーキテクチャと 8 GB メモリによる高速な計算処

Aug 01, 2018 · E-con Systems has launched multiple 4K camera support for Nvidia Jetson TX1/TX2 GPU. The E-Caml30_TRICUTX2 is a multiple camera solution for the Nvidia Jetson TX1/TX2 developer kit. It consists of three 13 megapixel, four-lane MIPI CSI-2 camera boards and a base board to interface with the J22 connector on the Jetson TX1/TX2.

Apr 30, 2018 · Hi, I have a Jetson TX2 development board. I wanted to know what are the power requirements for the carrier board itself as I couldn’t find any

Jetson stats. jetson-stats is a package to monitoring and control your NVIDIA Jetson [Nano, Xavier, TX2i, TX2, TX1] embedded board. When you install jetson-stats are included: jtop; jetson_release; jetson_variables; Read the Wiki for more detailed information. Install sudo-H pip install jetson-stats

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